Hauk and his signature Cryotone Telecaster (Photo by Ryn Salter)

Who is Uncle Hauk?

Almost every artist bio begins with grandiose acclamation, saying that the artist is the greatest and best thing ever. Hauk doesn’t care about being lauded with accolades or fantastic descriptions- Hauk cares about creating music without limitation and with no regard for convention. His songs are too country for metal, too heavy for country, too punk for folk, too folk for punk, and always in your face. The chorus from Red Tail Rising, the title track of Hauk’s 9th solo album says it all: “Falcon feathers on my back--no surrender, just attack…”  

On March 1st, 2024, Baldur Rising Music will release Uncle Hauk's 14th solo album "The Lonely Road to Hel". A collection of alt country songs that really stretches the understanding of alternative, this album tells the story of many journeys, and the long weary roads we walk down in life. It's an in depth look at the soul of a man who has journeyed far and seen much. Long, dusty, dark roads, heart break and loss, vision quests beyond the borders of sanity, and more, this is an album that pushes musical and lyrical boundaries down the skull paved road to Hel. 

Take the masks off of my faces -Take the masks off yours as well
Let me see you in the darkness - Like you’ve seen me walk through Hel
Let the dim light keep on shining -When the darkness overflows
And before dawn when it’s darkest -We’ll find where this river goes

After 15 years of recording and touring as a solo performer, Hauk teamed up with violinist Karin Dell (Brick Top Blaggers) to form the alt country band Black Hat Society. Described by Ripple Music as “rather dark in nature with a nice twangy bluegrass sort of vibe" and "outlaw sort of country western style music,” Black Hat Society began to forge bold new directions in the realm of alternative country. 

During the 2020 quarantine, Hauk recruited singer Kelsey Sissons to form the electronic hard rock band Elf Queen, drawing on themes ranging from heartbreak to werewolves and dragons. Their debut album “Glory to the Brave” was released on Halloween, 2021, and the follow up EP “Breathe Out Fire” was released in February 2022. Their third album "Requiem" was lauded by Metal Digest as "...a complete departure and a remarkable triumph that only stems from the purest emotion. Inspired by the tragedy of his fiancé’s passing, lyricist Hauk Heimdallsman created a masterful retelling of Norse Eddic poems. Not remotely a Metal album or even Rock for that matter, "Requiem" is lush, orchestral and beautifully imagined. Filled with fantastic imagery, an enchanting string ensemble, and utterly arresting choral and vocal performances, this album is truly majestic."

In addition to being a prolific musician and songwriter, Hauk has achieved great success as a producer and engineer. He was trained by Michael Verdick (Madonna, the Eagles) and Dale "D-Wiz" Everingham (Mazzy Star, En Vogue, Toni Tony Tone), then interned with Grammy award winner Tom Weir (Willie Nelson, Toots and the Maytals). Past clients include Wil Wheaton, Neil Patrick Harris, Bear McCreary, Yo Yo Ma, the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, Matt Mercer, Christine Lakin, the Pirates Charles, No Convention, Josephine's Alibi, autodealer, Margot Lane and the Greybirds, Danny Cano, Kathleen G, and many more....

As an engineer, Hauk says "I have three rules. First, if it sounds good, it is good. If it doesn't sound good, it isn't good. Rule number two- use your ears. You have to use your ears to see if it is good- and if it isn't, you use your ears to make it good. Third- save often. We rely on computers for modern creation, but if we don't hit that save button, we can lose everything." 

He has scored three feature films and many short films including the award winning “The Pirate Captain Toledano,” the only Jewish Pirate Film currently in existence. In addition to scoring and mixing, he also made his acting debut in Danny Cano's feature film "The Fall" playing mob boss Dominic Castiglione. 

As a musician, Hauk is endorsed by Cryotone Guitars, Wathen Audiophile Monitors, Gold Tone Musical Instruments, Optima Strings, StrumNComfort thumb picks, Anatomy of Sound picks, and G7th Capos. In January 2020, he unveiled his first signature guitar at the NAMM show, a custom-built Cryotone Telecaster. A cryogenically frozen mahogany body with a maple and bloodwood neck, its triple pick-up attack can be heard on solo releases “Unfinished Songs” and "Mostly True?" and is featured prominently on "The Lonely Road to Hel", Uncle Hauk's new album due out March 1st, 2024. 

His future plans include focusing on songwriting and recording, as well as playing principal guitar in the Andromeda Electric Orchestra, an new orchestra made up entirely of electronic instruments and dedicated to pushing the boundaries of the sonic experience. He is currently on faculty at Antelope Valley College and guest lectures at colleges in the Southern California area. 

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